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Our Mission

To provide the HIGHEST possible level of care without compromise.

  • We use ONLY the best labs when crowns, bridges, dentures, etc. have to be made
  • We use ONLY the highest quality products and companies and partner with the large reputable dental distributors to ensure we remain on the cutting edge of dental technology
  • We are never satisfied until the patient is happy and will go to the extreme IF necessary to assure our patients our happy
  • The doctors and staff continually pursue excellence through continuing education and remain committed to providing cutting edge dentistry
  • We respect the individuality of each patient and strive to meet that persons goals in their oral health
  • We strive to be available to our patients as much as possible and provide our regular patients with ways to communicate with us ANY time, we realize that emergencies do not always occur during ‘business’ hours.
  • We realize we are a source of knowledge for oral health and the doctors and staff will go to every length to provide you with the information to better your health. If we do not know an answer, we will find out in a reasonable time and provide you with the information you need!
  • We make every effort to provide the highest level of dentistry to a wide range of patients, we realize that there are many hard working individuals out there that are underserved because of the high cost of dentistry.
    • If arrangements are made before services are rendered I think you will find that we can find a solution to MOST situations
    • Please see our payment options and if none of them seem to work for you call for a customized payment plan

Our Office

Our staff is incredibly knowledgeable and would love the opportunity to be a part of your oral health. One of the more unique stories you may hear is how our doctors met each other. Dr. Schneider met Dr. Cregger when Dr. Cregger was just 15 years old. Dr. Cregger was Dr. Schneider’s golf caddy and they hit it off right away. This led to a job taking care of Dr. Schneider’s yard and led to Dr. Schneider encouraging Dr. Cregger to apply for dental school. Dr. Cregger then was accepted to University of Missouri at Kansas City’s six-year dental program and the rest is history. Their friendship remained through Dr. Cregger’s time in school and they have practiced together, without interruption, since 2006.

Dr. Schneider has been in practice since 1983 and took over for Dr. Ray Krukenkamp. Dr. Krukenkamp had a thriving practice and Dr. Schneider was thrilled that he could take over such an established practice. The early hours (6AM) were adopted and since Dr. Schneider grew the practice the hours were taken earlier (5AM) and with Dr. Cregger’s addition our office is proud of our unique 4:30AM start Monday through Thursday.

Everyone thinks our hours are ‘crazy’ except the people who show up so they do not have to miss regularly scheduled working hours. Our office holds these patients near and dear to our hearts. We feel that we open access to care for those that otherwise would let their dental health suffer if they could not come early. We recognize that many simply CANNOT miss work for appointments.

Dr. Schneider’s early North County roots took a unique turn one afternoon at a dental convention. A dentist named Dr. Calton came into a class late with his wife and there were no seats to be had. Dr. Schneider stood up immediately and gave Mrs. Calton his seat. Little did he know that small act of chivalry would lead his practice's future to our current location in Town and Country. Due to failing health, Dr. Calton contacted Dr. Schneider and informed him that he needed help covering patients due to his poor health. Dr. Schneider helped Dr. Calton out even though he really did not have the luxury of time with a young family at home and a busy practice in North County. One day after finishing up with patients Dr. Calton asked Dr. Schneider to open his hand, in it he placed the key to the office. This unique, but true story, is how the practice ended up in West County.

We are proud to share our practices past because so many of our patients still to this day are from either Dr. Krukenkamp or Dr. Calton and we thank them for our wonderful patient base and we thank those patients in particular for their loyalty, it is through your referrals and dedication that our practice has been able to thrive for such a long time. Both doctors that passed a practice on to Dr. Schneider made him promise ONE thing. To pass it on to another doctor the same way that they had done for him.

In 2006 Dr. Cregger joined the practice after graduating from University of Missouri-Kansas City. It was evident that as the two doctors began working together the rapid growth would require a change to the office. In Late 2008 Dr's Schneider and Cregger expanded to a larger location in the same building at Ballas and Clayton road in the Town and Country Medical Building, which was just upstairs from our original office in Town and Country. Fast forward to March of 2020 Dr. Cregger opened our current location located at 1000 Des Peres Suite 130 in Des Peres, MO. Our high tech modern office demonstrates our willingness to keep up with the latest that dentistry has to offer while maintaining the same level of customer service and dedication that has built the foundation of this practice over the past 80 years.  Our current locations boasts a spacious waiting room ideal for social distancing as well as a separate kids waiting room with video games and activities to keep kids occupied while they wait! We are like a family business that has been passed down over the years and we feel that separates us from many other offices that are simply bought and sold.

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